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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A few reminders and updates as we get back into the swing of things:

1.  Don't forget to add our first NCHS Orchestra Parents Association (NOPA) meeting to your calendar and join us next Tuesday night (Sept 12) at 7 pm in the orchestra room. The meeting is open to all orchestra parents and is a great low-key way to get involved in your student's high school experience. Come out and meet some other parents, get involved, and have some cookies! Door J around the back of the building will be unlocked.

2.  Please consider helping us fill our Hauntcert volunteer list this year. We still have a number of openings and would love to have it filled by next week. Click here to volunteer for Hauntcert 2017 - "Halloween Spooktacular"

3.  Student homework assignments are due by Friday, and include the course syllabus signature page, uniform page and fee, blog sign-up verification, and a survey that students can access through Google Classroom. If you have received this email in your inbox and have not sent the blog verification portion to school, simply print the email and send with your student!