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Monday, August 29, 2022

Welcome Back!

Hope everyone's school year is off to a great start!  If you are receiving this blog post in your email, congratulations - you are successfully signed up for the orchestra blog :-)  So you might have received this information already via Infinite Campus.  But after the next week or two, this will be the only method of communication (without the redundancy).

Our first project of the semester will be a fundraiser in conjunction with choir and drama.  Here is the link of the concession stand slots that we need to help fill with students and parents for this Friday night's football game (Sept 2).  This is a great activity to work alongside of your student, please just make sure that you note there are two different shifts and are some slots that can only be worked by adults.  If we get down to crunch time, adults can fill student slots but NOT vice versa...

The Unit 5 music staff is placing another order for the Best Communities for Music Education apparel to commemorate last year's award that the district won.  So if you missed that order last year and would like to show the community your support of the program (and brag on us a little...) you can click here for the link.  Orders are due by Sept. 9.  Students also have the link in Google Classroom.