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Friday, October 22, 2021

Hauntcert Update & Volunteer Instructions


Please see below for some final information regarding next week:

Poinsettia Fundraiser $ and Order Forms Due

Don't forget that all poinsettia orders are due on Monday, Oct 25.  Please make sure that you have followed all instructions from the previous post and that everything is contained in an envelope with your student's name.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Upcoming Schedule

Please see the information below for details regarding the schedule for the upcoming two weeks:

Mon, Oct 18 - Combined Rehearsal (3:30-6:00)

Mon, Oct 25 - Combined Rehearsal w/ Percussion (3rd-6th hours)

Tues, Oct 26 - Dress Rehearsal (6:00-9:00 pm) **street clothes - no uniforms

Thurs, Oct 28 - 27th Annual Hauntcert (shows at 6:00 & 7:30 pm - CALL TIME 5 PM) **dress code is full uniform**

**Cellos please continue to bring instruments to events**

Batteries, Power Strips, & Extension Cords

As we bring all of our stand lights out of storage for the Hauntcert, we would appreciate any battery donations (AA, AAA, and C) that you could send to school for our battery powered lights and are looking to borrow power strips and extension cords for our electric lights.  Please make sure to label the power strips and extension cords so that we can get them back to you.  Items can be brought to school this week.  Thank you!

Hauntcert Fliers

We'd love to share our return to live music with as many people as possible!  All Unit 5 elementary students will be receiving a flier this week, but the Hauntcert is fun for all ages.  NCHS Orchestra students have access to the same paper fliers that they can bring home to be distributed.  So if you know of places around Bloomington-Normal that would be appropriate to hang them, please feel free to have your student grab some.  Also attached is a PDF of the flier if you have any electronic community bulletin boards you'd like to post it to.

We still have a few spots left on our volunteer list and a number of opportunities left for helpers to distribute candy to trick or treaters and candy donations for the activity.  Won't you please consider helping us as we strive to bring back the Hauntcert to the community for the first time since 2019?

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Hauntcert Trick or Treat Project

 COVID has caused us to to abandon our usual refreshment table at the end of this year's Hauntcert, so we have decided to replace it with another "food" option for the kids and are trying to set up an indoor "trunk or treat" for them.  In lieu of the massive numbers of cookies we usually need, we are asking for candy donations this year.  We'll need lots of candy to hand out to the little ones!  Please consider helping us out, use the link below to sign up, and send some candy into school with your student by the 26th.

We are also in need of people to pass out the candy.  Creativity is up to you, and volunteers could do everything from simply handing out candy, to being as creative as wearing a kid friendly costume or even setting up a small themed display.  The trick or treating will take place outside of the classrooms along junior and senior hallway.  Our volunteers would need to be available for both shows, reporting at 4:45 to meet with our coordinator (trick or treating would begin at 5:15 for the first show).  We'll have COVID friendly gloves for our volunteers and also reserve you some seats for the performance.  So join us for some family friendly fun and ooh and ah over the awesome costumes of our future little NCHS orchestra stars.  This would be a GREAT activity for your entire family and we could set up several people in spaces next to one another :-)  So feel free to sign up for more than one slot...

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Poinsettia Fundraiser


Our next fundraiser for our Choir/Orchestra trip will begin October 13.  Order forms are available at school and students should make sure to put their name and phone number on the order brochure and collect the money at the time of the order. Checks should be made out to Unit 5 Music Parents.  Orders must be returned to the directors no later than October 25.

The fundraiser offers an excellent assortment of various colored poinsettias and amaryllis bulbs, plus a Christmas cactus and snowflake pots, for the winter season.  Poinsettias range from $16 – 17, Amaryllis $18. Christmas Cactus $13, and snowflake pots $8/$10. 
Students earn $5.50-$6 for each poinsettia ($6-red, pink, cream/$5.50-purple, chameleon, or blue), $6 for each Amaryllis and Cactus, and $4.75-6 per snowflake pot. So, this is a great fundraiser to make lots of money for your trip account! Make sure to ask everyone you know if they’d like to buy something. These also make great gifts for family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.
The plants will be delivered to the school sometime between 11/29 and 12/12, for distribution by the students to those who ordered.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Hauntcert Volunteer List Reminder

Just a reminder that we still need volunteers to fill a number of jobs for this year's Hauntcert.  We're hoping to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for "fastest filling of a Hauntcert volunteer list" this year ;-)  Won't you consider clicking here and helping us go down in the history books?

NOLA Trip Update & Trip Fundraiser Opportunity

Given current circumstances such as the recent hurricane and the fact that New Orleans is now requiring all visitors to either provide proof of vaccination or undergo a mandatory 2 week quarantine, the choir and orchestra are shifting gears.  New Orleans is no longer an option for our destination, but discussions and plans are in the works to offer a shorter trip (possibly just two nights) to a closer destination (ie. Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis, etc.).  We want to offer our students a trip that is both fun and educational, while also being safe and affordable.  Look for the announcement of our new destination soon!!!

As a trip is still on the agenda for this year, we have another fundraising opportunity bagging for tips at Hy-Vee.  Our first date is this weekend, so please sign up for those slots first if available.  But there are also opportunities on Nov 7th and Dec 11th.  Click here for the SignUpGenius with more information and the available dates.

The orchestra is still in need of a few parents who would be willing to be a part of the choir/orchestra fundraising team.  Please send an email if you could help us out with this!

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Hauntcert Volunteer List

The Hauntcert volunteer list is now available and ready for some eager helpers to sign up!  Please consider being a part of this momentous occasion as we bring Hauntcert back to the community after two years - we need many hands to make the show not only successful, but safe for everyone involved.  NCHS orchestra parents are always an integral part of our success each year and are even more critical as we negotiate this important recruiting concert during COVID.  Click here to volunteer and become a part of our team!!!

Don't forget about our 2nd combined rehearsal AND our next NOPA meeting this Tuesday (Oct. 5).  We are also still very much in need of decorations to borrow that fit our animals/zoo theme.  Please send items to school with your student by Tuesday (or send a picture) if you have anything that we might be able to use.  Thanks!