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Friday, September 30, 2016

Oct 24 Rehearsal Time Change

The time has changed for the Monday, Oct. 24th rehearsal in order to fit with our percussionist's schedule.  The rehearsal has been moved from Monday afternoon to Monday evening and will be from 6:00-8:30 pm (Oct. 24).  Sincere apologies for the inconvenience, but this was the only time out of all of our scheduled rehearsals that our percussionist could join us. If you have any apps that support the iCal links, you can add our calendar using the following address:  https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/n2eoe7idhlcv29rm1f5jr4m6r8%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic.ics

Our next NOPA (NCHS Orchestra Parents Association) meeting will be this Monday, Oct. 3 at 7 pm in the orchestra room.  Please consider joining us as we begin to hash through Hauntcert details.  Doors J around the back of the building will be open. 

Next week's combined rehearsal will be on Wednesday (Oct. 5) from 3:30-6:00 pm.  Please make sure that students have a ride waiting for them at 6:00 (freshmen may be done a little early).  There is no marching band rehearsal, so all students should be picked up in the bus lane following the rehearsal, NOT the main entrance.  Students should bring all of their materials with them as they will not be allowed back to their lockers - all of the hallway doors are locked at that time. 

With the exception of one jacket, all of the men's uniforms have now been distributed.  Please ensure that your son now has a jacket, pants, a shirt, and ESPECIALLY a bow tie.  Let me know asap if anything is still missing.  Women's uniforms are being specially made by the company as they no longer carry those items in stock, and should be in before the concert. Please double check whether or not the uniform needs hemming (it is almost a guarantee that new skirts will need hemming as they usually come extremely long).  Shirt and jacket replacement buttons will be sent home next week. All students must provide black dress shoes (no flip flops) and black socks/nylons.

We could still use a few more Hauntcert volunteers: one to help video the Hauntcert, one more stage manager, and someone to help coordinate the decorations.  If any of these play to your strengths, please consider helping us out.  Sign ups will be available soon for Hauntcert cookie donations and for the homecoming game concession stand workers.   Thanks for all you do to support our kids and our program!!!

If you still have not sent the blog verification email to school with your student, please print off this email (or have them take a picture of it with their phone) and send it with them.  We still have a number of Concert Orchestra students who are missing this assignment in addition to a few from the other orchestras. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

September 27th Rehearsal Reminder

A brief reminder and update regarding the upcoming Hauntcert rehearsal this Tuesday (September 27th). Tuning will begin promptly at 6 pm - students should plan to arrive at school in enough time to have their instrument out and be seated before that time.  Rehearsal will end at 8:30 pm and all students need to have a ride waiting in the parking lot so they are able to leave as soon as rehearsal is over.  Due to marching band practice in the faculty parking lot, all drop-offs and pick-ups should occur either at the front entrance or around the back of the building at the doors labeled "J" (use the farthest driveway closest to the construction on Raab).  No students or parents will be allowed to park in the faculty lot (the one adjacent to the bus lane) as the band uses that area for rehearsal. 

We still have a several volunteer positions to fill for the Hauntcert.  Please consider clicking here and donating a few hours of your time to the orchestra and getting involved in your student's activities!  

If you have not yet printed off a blog verification email and returned to school, please print off this email or have your student take a picture of it to complete the assignment that was due Fri Sept 23.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Welcome Back to the 2016-2017 NCHS Orchestra Program

Welcome back students and parents!  We're excited to be kicking off this school year in preparation of the 22nd Annual Hauntcert - "Heroes & Villains".  To that end, we still need a number of volunteers to help us with the Hauntcert production and would be so appreciative if you could click here to volunteer a few hours of your time.  Right now, we are planning a "parade" of local everyday heroes to recognize toward the end of the concert. Filling the "hero parade coordinator" volunteer spot as soon as possible is one of our top priorities at this point.  Please consider helping us coordinate the recognition of some everyday local heroes!

Please click here to view a note from NCHS's Iron Pride organization.  They are a group of parents dedicated to connecting parents, faculty, and NCHS administration and working towards providing quality opportunities for our students. They have asked teachers to share this information with parents.

Our next NCHS Orchestra Parents (NOPA) meeting will be Monday, Oct 3rd at 7pm in the orchestra room (rm 50). The doors labeled "J" around the back will be open.  Please consider putting this date on your calendar as this will be our Hauntcert "nuts & bolts" meeting where we will start creating and bringing plans together for the event.  All parents are welcome to attend and we would certainly love to get to know our freshmen parents!

Uniforms have now been distributed and new ones ordered.  Please make sure your student lets us know if there are any buttons missing from shirts or jackets this week.  Replacements will be sent home soon. 

Parents - as a final part of the email blog subscription process, please print this email out and send to school with your student no later than Friday, Sept. 23.  If you or your student prefers, you may also have your student take a picture of the email with their phone and use that as verification of the assignment.  Just make sure to include the header with your email address in the picture.