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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pizza Ranch Fundraiser

Click on the link below to sign up for the Pizza Ranch fundraiser on Apr 14, 2016.  Tuesday and Wednesday only those students participating in the trip should sign up.  Thursday and Friday, if there are any open spots left, parents of students participating on the trip may sign up.  Next week, any remaining spots may be filled by an NCHS orchestra member.

Pizza Ranch volunteer sign-up - http://bit.ly/PizzaRanch16

Monday, February 22, 2016

IHSA Solo & Ensemble Contest Volunteer Information

Please click on the links below to sign up to help work the IHSA Solo & Ensemble Contest on Saturday, March 5th

Job descriptions for each shift are listed below:

Friday After-School Set-Up (students only)  – http://bit.ly/Contest16AfterSchool
Saturday Concession Stand (parents only)http://bit.ly/Contest16Concessions
Saturday Morning Contest Shifthttp://bit.ly/Contest16Morning
Saturday Afternoon Contest Shift - http://bit.ly/Contest16Afternoon

Job Descriptions

Friday After School Set-Up - STUDENTS ONLY

  • A variety of jobs need to get done, including hanging signs, helping move digital pianos, setting up individual contest rooms, etc.

Saturday Jobs

  • Room monitors - each contest room need a room monitor who remains outside the room, checks performers off as they perform, makes sure the door remains closed and no one enters during a performance, assists the judge as needed, collects all score sheets after the judge finishes so the runners may collect them, etc.
  • Score sheet runners - one runner is assigned to each hallway and is in charge of collecting the score sheets from each room and bringing them to the office.  This is one of the most important jobs of the day, as performers get crabby when they have to wait a long time for their scores….
  • Floaters - these people fill in whatever job is needed that day.  They could take the place of workers who need to leave their post to perform, could fill in for people who failed to show up for their assignment, be put to work in the office or cafeteria as needed, etc.
  • Office workers - parent volunteers who assist in the contest office, entering and posting scores, sorting sheets, etc. Parents only please
  • Technology table - monitors the scoring system and assists people with our digital posting system
  • Information table - fields questions usually related to "what time/room is my student performing?", "where is room XX?", "where are the scores posted?" (we'll give you all the answers you need to field these kinds of questions!!!)
  • Tear down crew - helps tear down individual contest rooms as they finish, setting classroom desks back up, moving digital pianos, resetting the music rooms, moving chairs and stands, etc.
  • Concession stand - works with the parent group in charge to help set-up, run, and clean up the concession stand.  Parents only please