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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Avanti's Dine To Donate

Don't forget to plan next week's menu with the orchestras' Dine to Donate event at Avanti's in mind (Monday, April 9th, 11 am until closing).  The event is held at either Bloomington-Normal location, but participants must show a copy of this flyer in order for the orchestra to get credit (either a paper copy or a picture on your phone).  Mark your calendars now to treat yourself to a cooking-free meal!

Krispy Kreme Reminder

Don't forget that all Krispy Kreme orders and money are due BY CLASS ON FRIDAY (Apr 6th).  Please make sure that you have checked the following items before turning in:

1. All information is filled out in the green boxes
2. All orders have been added up and recorded in the total boxes at the bottom
3. All payments add up to the total numbers of orders and all checks have been made payable to NCHS Orchestras
4. Order form and payments are sealed in an envelope with student's name on the outside

Cards and certificates will be available for delivery next week!