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Monday, November 28, 2022

Boon Fundraiser Date Extension

Our fundraiser end date has been extended and now ends on December 9th at midnight. We are a little low on sales, so we've decided to extend the sale in case you'd like a little more time to meet your fundraising goal.  If you plan to go on either trip over the next two summers, the profits go directly into your account.

Please go to our custom page at https://bsply.com/1265498 to register for your sellers page. It takes just a few minutes to register.

Then, for best results for sales, make sure to:

SEND by clicking BOOST on your personal Boon selling page to send a minimum of 10 emails to family and friends that you think would be interested in supporting you on the fundraiser.

SHARE on social media with the simple tools Boon has provided.

SHOP at Boon Supply! They offer beautiful, eco-friendly items at an excellent value. You will love the quality and selection!

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Extravaganza Pictures & Last Call for Hy-Vee Bagging for Tips

Mr. Jeff Christopherson took some great photos of the Extravaganza on Monday night - click here to see if you can find a picture of your favorite NCHS musician!

Last call for Hy-Vee bagging for tips dates before the list is opened up to choir on Monday.  If you have already signed up for a slot, don't be shy about grabbing another one.  All profits will be placed directly into individual trip accounts.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Fundraiser Pick-Ups and Extravaganza Wrap Up

Extravaganza Wrap-Up
- thanks to everyone who donated and/or volunteered for this event!!!!  The kids did a great job in their performance, however the U5 Music Parents are still pretty far from achieving their goal for the evening.  If you would like to donate, there is still time.  Click here to support a worthwhile cause - your kids!!!

Beef House Rolls - don't forget that pick up will be immediately after school this Friday, Nov 18.  Please make sure that students have notified me immediately if their situation is not "picking up after school and has a ride home" (ie students riding the bus that would need to get out of 8th hour a few minutes early, sold too many to transport on the bus and have no ride, etc.).  All rolls must remain frozen and have to be picked up by 3:45 pm.

Poinsettia Delivery - we have just been informed that the delivery date will be Friday, Dec. 2.  Please make arrangements to pick up after school.  The plants are more delicate and bulky than a bus ride home would manage... 

Boon Fundraiser - ends Nov. 28.  Let your social media page do the selling for you for a super easy, online profit generating opportunity

Gill Street Dine-To-Donate - make sure that your calendars are marked for Nov 22nd for a night off from cooking!  Grab some orchestra buddies and make an evening of it :-)  We still need to get our reservation quota taken care of, so click here to simply add your name and ensure this fundraiser is allowed to continue.  It is NOT a binding agreement!

Thursday, November 10, 2022

NCHS Orchestra Reminders

Many "irons" in the fire right now, so a few reminders of everything we currently have going on:

Extravaganza (aka the Spaghetti Supper) - click here for the blog post from last week with all information pertaining to dress, rehearsal and performance times, call times etc. for the Extravaganza on MONDAY NOVEMBER 14th.   We are still really in desperate need of volunteers for that night.  The volunteer SignUp Genius for the event can be found here.  Don't forget this is the U5 Music Parents biggest fundraiser and it provides funds to all of our ensembles in the district.  If you would still like to donate, click here for the website.

Hy-Vee - there are still plenty of opportunities left for Hy-Vee bagging for tips.  Sign up asap as these extra slots will be opened up to the choir next week. Money will be placed into individual student trip accounts.

Beef House Rolls - delivery will be November 18th (time TBA).  Mark your calendars as pick up for this product that must remain frozen is time sensitive and we do not have storage options.

Boone Fundraiser - we are partnering with Boon Supply for our next fundraiser that kicked off today.  They offer useful, eco-friendly quality products, as well as a unique platform that does most of the work for you! No order forms, counting money or distributing products.  All purchases are ordered online and delivered to the supporter's home, and the entire process takes no longer than 5-10 minutes.  All you need to do is just Register, Send, Share and Shop!   Click here to get started with the fundraiser.  More details are available in the parent letter.  All profits will be placed into individual student accounts. 

ILMEA District Orchestra - we have 13 students traveling with us on Saturday (Nov. 12) who were selected as members of the District 3 ILMEA Orchestra!!!  Students have been sent info on Google Classroom regarding the schedule, general info and map.  Please make sure they have provided us with their cell phone number on the spreadsheet.

Step-Up Day - Wed. Nov 16th the 8th graders from CJHS and EJHS will be joining Chamber Orchestra for most of the day.  Chamber students will be rehearsing, leading sectionals, and showing our JHS friends what high school orchestra is all about.  Students should have filled out their pizza order form (and brought payment).  The orchestra will provide chips and drinks and we are asking Chamber students to provide dessert. Please add to the family grocery list this weekend!

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

U5MP Musical Extravaganza Updates (formerly the Spaghetti Supper)

This fundraising event on November 14th involves direct donations via our fundrazr portal.  This is a huge fundraising effort by our Music Parents Association that helps provide all of our programs with valuable money used for so many of the supplies we need that are not covered by the school district.  Music, instruments, equipment, etc are critical to ensure the success of our students and this Extravaganza goes a long way toward helping ends meet for our ensembles.  Please consider donating by clicking here.  Sharing this link on your social media account would also be really appreciated - thank you!!!

We are also in need of volunteers for that night - if you could help us out, we would be extremely grateful!  Click here for the SignUp Genius list of jobs available.

All NCHS Orchestra students will be playing in this concert.  Please see the following information below:

Personnel:  All NCHS Orchestras

Dress:  New long sleeve orchestra t-shirt and jeans

Call Time:  Concert, Sinfonia, and Intermezzo orchestras will have a combined rehearsal directly after school and should plan on staying at school until the performance (wear the uniform or change into it); Chamber Orchestra will have a 4:45 pm call time.

Performance Time:  5:30 pm 

Fundraising Updates

Gill Street Dine-To-Donate

Thank you for your support of our Papa John's Dine-to-Donate this week!  As we continue to raise funds to support our Chamber Orchestra's performance at IMEC in January, your next evening free from the chore of cooking dinner will be at Gill Street Sports Bar and Grill on Tuesday, Nov. 22 from 11 am - 9 pm. Options include dine-in, take-out, and pick-up.  Please mark your calendars and help support our state-bound musicians!  We also need to generate reservations like we did with Papa John's, so please click here to ensure that our fundraiser is allowed to continue.  This is NOT a binding reservation, we just need to get names on the list.

Trip Fundraisers

Poinsettias and Beef House rolls have been ordered, and now we turn our attention to our Boon Supply fundraiser and Hy-Vee bagging for tips days.  Look Books for Boon will be available on Monday, and a number of new Bagging for Tips days have been scheduled.  Click here to sign up asap for Hy-Vee as these days will be opened to choir next week.  We have to get all slots filled and provide Hy-Vee a minimum number of people or they will cancel the event.  All profit from Boon will go into individual trip accounts and the total profits from Hy-Vee will be split equally among all shifts worked.  Parent chaperone money will be either be applied to the parent chaperone account or the student account if the parent will not be going on the trip.  Don't forget that these fundraisers can be applied to Memphis/Nashville this summer or Europe next summer.  

Hauntcert Wrap-Up, Pictures, and Huge Thank-You's

Thank You!

On behalf of the students and myself, we simply can't adequately express our gratitude for everyone's help with the show last week!  Our 2nd show definitely goes down as one of the greatest in Hauntcert history, and we couldn't have done it without the help and hard work of everyone.  If you volunteered and have any thoughts, suggestions, info to add to volunteer instructions, etc. please drop me a line while things are still fresh in your mind so that we can adjust for next year. 

Hauntcert Pictures & Video

Click here to be directed to a Drive folder containing pictures and a video recording of the performance.  The fabulous Tirza Wolf took some fantastic shots of everyone!

Hauntcert Lost & Found

There was a blue tooth ear bud case left at the concert.  Identify it to claim!