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Friday, November 15, 2019

Fundraiser Reminder

Don't forget that the cookie dough fundraiser is due on Monday, Nov. 18th.  Please make sure that all checks are made out to Unit 5 Music Parents Association and that everything on the form is filled out and complete.  Payment must be included with the order. Please include all materials in an envelope with the student's name on it. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Spaghetti Supper Concert & Rehearsal Info

Date: Mon. Nov. 11
Performance Time: 6:40 pm
Dress:  New orchestra t-shirt (the black one) and jeans.

We will be having a short rehearsal for each group prior to the event so that they can warm up and briefly practice with the other orchestra they will be performing with. 

5:00-5:20  Chamber & Intermezzo Orchestras
5:30-6:15  Sinfonia & Concert Orchestras
6:20-6:30  All orchestras for tuning
6:40-7:00  Performance

**We still have NCHS Orchestra spots on the volunteer list that need to be filled!!!  Please help us get these filled ASAP - having to run the Spaghetti Supper every 5 years, we know how nervous these unfilled lists are making our choir parents this close to the event...  Volunteering a little bit of your time will help us ensure that feeding 1300 people goes well and brings in money for our music programs!!!**