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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Congrats to our ILMEA District 3 Musicians

The NCHS Orchestra would like to give a big shout out and congratulate our 13 musicians who were selected to the ILMEA District 3 "Virtual Orchestra" this year.  They will be participating in an online clinic this Saturday.  Proud of our musicians!!!

Allison H

Allison M

Andy G

Audrie S

Camden W

Diego M

Ellie S

Katie K

Karen X

Maerie G

Matt B

Nicky G

Shreenija D

Unit 5 Music Parents Co-Voided Spaghetti Supper Fundraiser Reminder

Just a quick reminder that if you were planning to donate to our Unit 5 Music Parents Co-Voided Spaghetti Supper fundraiser, the deadline is November 25th.  The NCHS Orchestra is currently at about 75% of our targeted goal.  Thank you to all who have donated so far - we really appreciate your support during these difficult times!  If you would still like to donate, click here to be taken to the GoFundMe page.  Just make sure to specify the NCHS Orchestra as your "team".

Monday, November 9, 2020

Unit 5 Music Parents Co-Voided Spaghetti Supper Fundraiser


Below you will find information from the Unit 5 Music Parents Association regarding a fundraising initiative to replace the annual Spaghetti Supper.  This year, money will not be split evenly among the groups as traditionally done, but will be given to whatever group you specify.  The NCHS Orchestra program is hoping to raise at least $1000 to replace the money used from our instructional budget this year that helped off-set the cost of providing a Smart Music subscription to all students in the program.  These subscriptions have been an invaluable tool during COVID to help provide more effective remote instruction, but in a normal year these funds are typically allocated toward purchasing music, supplies, etc. for the program.  And with the continued pandemic, it is uncertain whether or not the program will be able to participate in any of our usual "door-to-door" sales of other fundraiser items.  The "Co-Voided Spaghetti Supper" will run from November 9-25.  Don't forget to choose "NCHS Orchestras" as your desired "team" at the top of the donation page.  As always, thank you for your continued support of our young musicians!

Unit 5 Music Parents Spaghetti Supper Co-voided Fundraiser

The Annual Spaghetti Supper is a music department fundraiser sponsored by the Unit 5 Music Parents Organization.  This is an annual event that allows for families to support the music programs by purchasing tickets to enjoy a meal and an opportunity to enjoy the talents of their children and classmates in a performance.  Even though Covid-19 has eliminated our ability to hold the annual Spaghetti Supper in person, due to current pandemic restrictions, it cannot stop our love for music and desire to financially support the music programs.     

This fundraiser is an important event to support the music programs at our schools.  The needs of the programs have not been reduced due to the current pandemic restrictions, rather they have increased, since many programs can’t do other fundraisers they have done in the past.  Thus, we need your donations for our programs more than ever! 

Our goal in a typical year is for every student to sell at least 4 tickets at approximately $10 each.  This year, we are asking to give beyond this amount, if you are able, to help our programs make-up the lost revenue from traditional fundraisers that aren’t able to be held due to the pandemic.

Your donations help to support the music programs with the following expenses:

·       -Music purchases (one piece of music costs up to $150)

·      - Singers’ masks ($20-$30 each)

·       -Classroom essentials like music stands, stools, risers, etc.

·      - New instruments and repairs

·      - Supply needs for at risk students

·      - Uniform cleaning

·     - Concerts

·      - Accompanists

Here is the link to access the online fundraiser:


Please share this fundraising campaign with your friends, neighbors, family and alumni who enjoy hearing our young musicians!

Thank you for your donation and support to keep our music programs going!

Unit 5 Music Parents Association