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Friday, December 9, 2022

Urgent: Chamber Orchestra Parent IMEC Responses Needed

Chamber Orchestra Parents: We have just been given some deadlines from IMEC that have become pretty tight for us with our extra-early winter break.  If the following information pertains to you, please have this Google Form completed no later than midnight on Monday (Dec 12)

IMEC Concert Tickets:  Those family members planning to attend our performance in Peoria on Thursday, January 26, should click on the Form to reserve tickets.  We are given a limited number of complimentary tickets, so please try to limit this first round to 2-3 tickets per family (performers do NOT need a ticket).  Extra tickets will be released after district/building administration, school board members, etc. have had the opportunity to reserve what they need.  More information regarding specifics will be provided in January, but the performance will be at the Peoria Civic Center and will start at 4:15 with Hawthorn Junior High School performing before us.  In years past, tickets have been unavailable for pick-up until the group registered the day of the performance, so please make sure to include the name of the person responsible for picking them up outside the door before the concert.  Also in years past, these tickets were a formality and were never needed or distributed.  However, we want to be prepared just in case.

IMEC Concert Recording:  Our performance will be professionally recorded by Mark Custom Recording Service, Inc.  This is a New York based firm that specializes in international location recording (with a couple of Grammy nominations to their credit!).  It would be a great way to preserve this memory for students, send to out-of-town family, etc.  The cost would depend upon the number of CD's ordered (assuming that we have enough interest to make this financially viable), but is anticipated to be between $20-$30.  If we have enough interest, money will be collected in January from those who ordered.  Keep in mind that if you complete that portion of the Form and there is enough interest, your CD will be ordered this week...  If you would like to purchase a CD, please indicate on the Form how many you would like. 

Monday, December 5, 2022

Winter Concert Info & Hy-Vee Sign-Up

Dress Rehearsal Information

Date: Fri. Dec. 9

Time: 3:30 - 5:30 pm

Personnel: TBA (orchestras will know on Wed if they need to report)

Concert Information

Date:  Mon. Dec. 12

Call Time: 6:00 pm

Performance Time: 7:00 pm

Dress:  Full concert uniform

Personnel:  All Orchestras

Refreshment Table

Pre-COVID the orchestras would have refreshments in the atrium after the concert.  We are attempting to bring that tradition back this year and are in need of donations of cookies, punch, and a few people that could help man the table that night.  Please click here to help us out with one of these items so that we might all be able to enjoy a little holiday cheer with one another following our concert.

Hy-Vee Bagging for Tips

We still have slots available for this Friday that really need to be filled.  Even if you aren't going on the trips, the money will come back to the orchestra program.  If you are going on the trip, feel free to sign up for any additional slots that you would like at this point.  Click here for sign-ups and instructions.