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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

IHSA Solo & Ensemble Contest - Volunteers and Schedule

Dear NCHS Music Students & Families,

We are hosting IHSA Solo-Ensemble Contest next Saturday, March 4. This event is a big undertaking, as we will be hosting over 900 student performers from 27 high schools in the area. 

We are known for being great hosts of this event, and that is because we have excellent volunteer help!  We are asking that you please consider helping us in any capacity - we need students and adults to set up, monitor rooms, run judging sheets, help with concessions, tear down, and several other positions. We have divided the jobs into Friday, March 3 (students only), and am / pm shifts on Saturday. This can be for students who are performing or not - we need over 130 volunteer slots filled, so we will take anyone willing to help!

For students performing: please look at the performance schedule, and see if you can sign up for a shift outside of the time of your performance(s). Parents - if you are volunteering when your student is performing, you can absolutely take a quick leave to go watch their performance.

Attached is the performance schedule. Once you have looked at that (if you’re performing), please click on one of the links below to sign up to help. You can sign up for more than one shift if you desire!

Friday sign up (March 3) - students only


Saturday AM Shifts (March 4) - students and adults


Saturday PM Shifts (March 4) - students and adults


Please let me know if you have any questions. We greatly appreciate your help, and ask that you go ahead and sign up right away instead of waiting to let everyone else sign up first! : )  We are hoping to complete these lists without having to send out multiple emails!!!


Mr. Luginbuhl

Mrs. Siebenthal

Mr. Carter

PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR A SCHEDULE OF CONTEST EVENTS - this is information for those students performing and contains performance times and room numbers.