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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Chipotle Reminder and Trip Info

Don't forget about our Chipotle Dine-to-Donate Wednesday, Feb 8.  See the attached flier for more info and note that there is now a code that can be used for online orders.  Make sure to show them the flier below on your phone or click here to download and print the PDF.

A few updates for you on the upcoming trips and fundraisers:

Tennessee Trip (May 31-June 4):

We currently have 44 people signed up for this trip - very close to our minimum of 50 to be able to go.  Registrations and the $250 down payment for this trip are due February 8. If you haven't signed up yet, now is the time! Our bus will hold 54 people, so if we go over that we will take those who signed up first. Register at https://bobrogerstravel.grcoll.co/go/normal9125

Payment plan for Tennessee Trip:

Feb. 8: $250 deposit due

March 1: $400 payment due

April 6: $400 payment due

May 5: Remaining Balance

*fundraised money can be applied whenever you would like - once trip is set, we will make a plan.

Europe Trip (June 2024):

We are still working on the itinerary, trying to lower the cost a little. As of right now, plan on approximately $3500, give or take a few hundred. The currency exchange rate is high right now. This is the best estimate I can give you at the moment.  We hope to have a parent meeting this month with the plans!


Don't forget about our Gobena coffee trip fundraiser. Orders and money are due Feb. 17. If you don't know anything about Gobena, 100% of the profit they make goes to orphaned children around the world. So, not only will you be helping yourself earn money towards your accounts, but also helping others! And it's great coffee!  More fundraising opportunities will still be taking place this spring - we'll let you know as they become available.