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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Fundraising Updates

Gill Street Dine-To-Donate

Thank you for your support of our Papa John's Dine-to-Donate this week!  As we continue to raise funds to support our Chamber Orchestra's performance at IMEC in January, your next evening free from the chore of cooking dinner will be at Gill Street Sports Bar and Grill on Tuesday, Nov. 22 from 11 am - 9 pm. Options include dine-in, take-out, and pick-up.  Please mark your calendars and help support our state-bound musicians!  We also need to generate reservations like we did with Papa John's, so please click here to ensure that our fundraiser is allowed to continue.  This is NOT a binding reservation, we just need to get names on the list.

Trip Fundraisers

Poinsettias and Beef House rolls have been ordered, and now we turn our attention to our Boon Supply fundraiser and Hy-Vee bagging for tips days.  Look Books for Boon will be available on Monday, and a number of new Bagging for Tips days have been scheduled.  Click here to sign up asap for Hy-Vee as these days will be opened to choir next week.  We have to get all slots filled and provide Hy-Vee a minimum number of people or they will cancel the event.  All profit from Boon will go into individual trip accounts and the total profits from Hy-Vee will be split equally among all shifts worked.  Parent chaperone money will be either be applied to the parent chaperone account or the student account if the parent will not be going on the trip.  Don't forget that these fundraisers can be applied to Memphis/Nashville this summer or Europe next summer.