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Monday, October 29, 2018

Spaghetti Supper Tickets

Spaghetti Supper tickets are now on sale, and must be purchased by Friday (tickets are more expensive at the door and there are only 150 total available at the door).  Please print off the order form (or have your student bring an order form home from school) and send your money to school before this Friday, Nov. 2.  This is the Unit 5 Music Parents Association's biggest fundraiser of the year, and money comes right back to the individual band, orchestra, and choir programs.  As always, there is never any charge to hear your student perform, just to eat.  However ALL individuals wishing to get dinner that night (including students) must have purchased a ticket.  

We also are in need of volunteers that night to help run our lines and serve food - please click here to sign up.  Volunteer time slots will not conflict with hearing your student perform!

Another big thank you to everyone who had a part in making Hauntcert 2018 great!  Everyone's time, donations, refreshments, etc added so much to our evening - with many young and impressionable audience members, you never know who might have been influenced to become a part of our ensemble in a few years.  Thanks again for all of your help!!!