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Monday, February 12, 2024

Mid-Winter Updates

Upcoming Fundraisers

Tuesday, February 20th
- THAT BURGER JOINT - As with a number of our previous fundraisers, we need to create an RSVP list in order for the fundraiser to continue to move forward.  This is not a binding agreement to attend the fundraiser, we simply just need to fill the list with names.  Please click here to add your name to the list and view the instructions to ensure we get credit for your purchases should you choose to attend. 

Wednesday, March 20th  -  PAPA MURPHY'S - While you're in the groove adding your name to RSVP lists, would you consider doing the same for our Papa Murphy's fundraiser next month as well?  You can click here to add your name to this list too!

**Profits from both of these fundraisers will go directly to the orchestra and choir programs to be used to purchase music and supplies**

Upcoming Events

Thursday, March 7th -  SHOWCASE CONCERT  -  Chamber Orchestra personnel only.  Like last year, the concert will be at ISU and will feature Chamber Choir, Chamber Orchestra, and Wind Ensemble.  Students will be bussed to ISU that day late morning for dress rehearsals and clinics.  More info to come. 

Tuesday, March 19th  -  MIDWINTER CONCERT  -  Concert, Sinfonia, and Intermezzo Orchestras personnel only.  This concert might start a little later than usual as our friends from KJHS will be performing their concert on stage that night before ours.  More info to come.