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Saturday, October 14, 2023

Orchestra Updates 10.14.23

Rehearsal Reminder: there is rehearsal on Monday, October 16th from 3:30-6:00 pm for Sinfonia, Intermezzo and Chamber Orchestras.  Students who can get a ride to school should bring their cellos from home, students need to have their ride waiting for them at 6 pm and should be picked up in the bus lane. 

Hauntcert Donations:  we are in need of a number of items for our production this year.  Many bags of candy are needed to provide treats for our little ones trick-or-treat hallway (and a few more volunteers are needed to pass out candy).  We are also in great need of AAA battery donations for our many stand lights.  Borrowing extension cords for our electric stand lights is also a priority.  If you have cords we could borrow, please make sure to label with your name and send to school this week.  There are also still spots on the volunteer list that we would like to fill.

Hauntcert Decorations: our program this year consists of movie music and our theme is "Villains on Strike".  We are seeking to borrow anything you might have at home we could use as decorations that would fit that theme (ie "villain-y" posters, life size cut outs, yard inflatables, etc.).  We also need to create an "office scene" for our emcee, so any unique things you could send in that would help us would also be appreciated.  Fun Halloween decorations we could borrow would be great as well.  Please label anything we could borrow with your name and send to school no later than this Friday.  

Papa John's Dine-to-Donate: we are scheduled for Oct. 31st.  More information on specifics will be available closer to the date, but we need to fill the RSVP list in order to be allowed to host the event.  Remember this is a non-binding agreement, we simply need to get names.  Please click on this link and add your name and the name of your family members.  This fundraiser will be going in the orchestra's general account.

Poinsettia Fundraiser: sales kicked off on Friday.  Orders are due on October 27th.  These are beautiful plants and almost sell themselves!  Orders are due NO LATER than October 27th so we can have the plants in for the holiday season.  This fundraiser will be going into individual Europe accounts, but students who sell that aren't going on the trip can have their profits directed back to the orchestra program. 

Chamber Orchestra Last Minute Calendar Additions:  VOLUNTEERS from Chamber will be performing at the choir concert on Tuesday, October 17th.  They should arrive at school no later than 7:00 pm for tuning and warm-ups and will be playing towards the end of the concert.  Concert uniform is the dress code.  ALL of Chamber Orchestra has been invited to perform at the faculty meeting on the early dismissal day on Oct. 18th.  More information will be available next week, but they will perform at 12:30 pm at the beginning of the faculty meeting.  Students will be done by 12:45 pm.  This year's orchestra t-shirt and jeans is the dress code.