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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Fundraising Updates - GO EUROPE - Organization Contest

Less than two weeks to go in our Krispy Kreme fundraiser and we have only met 10% of our goal.  Please continue pushing the link out on your social media and emailing to friends and family even across the country.  A very simple fundraiser - order and pay for doughnuts online, take voucher to any local Krispy Kreme at your convenience and pick them up!  This fundraiser is going into the orchestra's general account.

We are still in need for volunteers to help with the Nelson's dinner fundraiser next week (April 13th).  We really need to get the slots filled to ensure that everyone who purchased a ticket gets fed that night.

Europe is a go!!!  We have just over 100 people registered and are calling for any last minute registrations if you had been holding off waiting to see about the referendum.  Registration instructions are on the second page of this document - make sure that a guardian registers as a new user and then adds all participants as "travelers".

I still have not been given final confirmation for the IHSA Organization Contest next week, but feel it's prudent to start planning based on our assumptions...  Contest is April 13th and will be held during the day at Normal Community High School for orchestra (choir is on Friday).  This is a change in the calendar to ensure our FBLA students can still attend their state convention.  We will do our best to make sure the performances are recorded that day and make them available to parents.  At least a portion of our performance will also be performed at the spring concert.  Students will need to bring their uniforms that day and will not be allowed to perform without them.  PLEASE help them remember!  Our cellists will also need to bring their instruments from home.  Any cellist who rides the bus and has no other transportation option that day should see me about using a school instrument. Updates will continue as they become available.  All orchestras are performing on this day.