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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Orchestra Updates 10.12.22


We are gearing up to roll out our indoor "trunk or treat" for the Hauntcert and are in need of some people to distribute candy before both shows and also in need of candy donations.  Please help us spread some good will (and hyperactivity ;-) to the little ones in our community!   Further details and the SignUp Genius can be found by clicking here. 


Our theme this year is "Judgment Day" (ala Judge Judy style).  We are seeking to borrow any items you might have around the house that could fit this theme (gavels, scales of justice, etc).  Although a tricky theme to decorate for, we will also be creating Halloween-themed displays in the auditorium and for the trunk-or-treat, and would love to borrow any Halloween themed decorations, especially inflatables!  Extension cords and power strips are also desperately needed.  Please send any items to school that you are comfortable letting us borrow and make sure that they are clearly labeled with your name if you would like them returned. Thank you!


Many hands make light work, and we are hoping to have the Hauntcert volunteer list filled this week.  In addition to a few important jobs that still need filling, there are still a number of spots available to help decorate the night of the dress rehearsal.  Getting involved with this show is a great way to meet other orchestra parents!