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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Rehearsal Schedule Change, Uniform Information, & Extravaganza Update

There has been an important change to next week's Hauntcert rehearsal schedule - the Tuesday after-school rehearsal on the 4th has been moved to Thursday, October 6th and will take place DURING the school day.  The auditorium became unexpectedly available and this change will allow us to have one more rehearsal on the actual stage before Hauntcert tech week without having to move the entire theater set for the fall play on their dark day.  The rehearsal scheduled for October 18th after school will now be in the cafeteria instead of on the stage.  Don't forget that these rehearsals involve Chamber, Intermezzo, and Sinfonia orchestras only.  Concert Orchestra is not involved in these events.

Hopefully students with tuxedos have brought home the new black shirts we just got in.  I must know by Monday if something doesn't fit correctly so that we can get another ordered asap.  

We now have our time slot for the "Spaghetti-less Spaghetti Supper Extravaganza" and the orchestras will be performing at 5:30 pm.  The concert will involve all orchestras, dress will be the new orchestra long-sleeve t-shirt and jeans, and after-school rehearsal times for combined groups will be forthcoming.