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Monday, November 5, 2018

Updated Spaghetti Supper Information

Date: Mon. Nov. 12
Performance Time:  6:40 pm
Dress:  New orchestra t-shirt (the long sleeve black one) and jeans.

We will be having a short rehearsal for each group prior to the event so that they can warm up and briefly practice with the other orchestra they will be performing with. 

5:00-5:20  Chamber & Intermezzo Orchestras
5:30-6:15  Sinfonia & Concert Orchestras
6:20-6:30  All orchestras for tuning
6:40          Performance

**All of our NCHS Orchestra spots for the volunteer list are full!!!  Thanks to all of our wonderful parent volunteers - you're awesome!!!  If you wanted to help out and didn't get the opportunity, our junior high orchestra friends at CJ and EJ could use some help filling their lists - feel free to grab an unfilled slot if you didn't get the chance to get on the NCHS list.**

DON'T FORGET OUR LAST NOPA MEETING BEFORE THE SPAGHETTI SUPPER WILL BE TUESDAY NOV 6TH IN THE ORCHESTRA ROOM @ 7PM - please consider joining us as we finish up all of the last minute details for the orchestra's turn at running the entire spaghetti supper (in addition to our volunteer slots).