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Saturday, December 9, 2017

End of Semester Wrap-Up

Winter Concert Information

Date:  Tues. Dec. 12
Concert: 7 pm
Call Time: 6 pm
Dress:  Uniforms

There will be no rehearsal for any orchestra on Monday.  Thanks to all who volunteered to donate refreshments - you may bring them to the refreshment table at 6:30 the night of the concert.  If you arrive earlier or the tables are not set up, refreshments can go to the desk in the orchestra room. Don't forget that cello players should bring their instruments to the concert!

FINAL EXAMS - Orchestra final exams consist of 3 parts:

1.  Written - taken at the scheduled exam time. This is nothing that students need to study for and typically consists of reflection based essay questions.

2.  Scales - students must have passed all scales tested in the first semester by Mon. Dec. 18.  Students will have the opportunity to make up scales not previously passed during the days after the winter concert.

3.  Playing exam - students will be tested over material from the winter concert the day following the performance. This ensures that the material is still fresh and it should be very easy for students as they were all prepared to the best of their ability on the music the night before.