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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Welcome to Tech Week

Hauntcert tech week is upon us, and here is a quick run down for Chamber, Intermezzo, and Sinfonia commitments this week:

1.  Monday Oct 16 - rehearsal with percussion from 3:30-6:00 pm.  Plan to pick up students promptly at 6:00 at door J.

2.  Tuesday Oct 17 - dress rehearsal 6-9 pm.  Again, pick up should be at door J.  **Please note "dress rehearsal" is the theater term for the final run through before a performance.  Students should NOT wear their uniform to this rehearsal.**

3.  Thursday Oct 19 - call time for students will be 6:00 pm.  Students should report to the orchestra room dressed in their uniform and be ready to tune at 6 pm.  If you volunteered to bring cookies, they can be dropped off at the table in the atrium if there is someone there to accept the donation.  If no one is at the table yet, students can leave donations on the desk in the orchestra room.  The show starts at 7 pm and is always standing room only.  Plan on getting there early if you want a good seat!