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Friday, October 14, 2016

Cookies, Easy Dinners, Hauntcert and Hot Dogs!

Sign up lists are now available for Hauntcert refreshments and for volunteers to help work the concession stand at the homecoming game on Friday, Oct 21. Among other supplies, we are in need of 70 dozen cookies to feed the massive audience that always turns out for Hauntcert (don't forget to arrive early that night so you get a seat!).  Please click here to sign up for refreshments.  The orchestra has also been given the opportunity to earn some money by working the concession stand at the homecoming football game.  There were many groups that wanted the chance, but only a few made the final cut - the orchestras and choirs made the list as the athletic department knows that we have fantastic parent volunteers that are hard working and reliable!!!  Please click here to help us fill our concession list so that we continue to receive these kinds of opportunities to fund raise for our program.  There are various jobs that can be filled by both students and parents.  We just received the information about how many volunteers we need and it looks to be about 25 - please help us mobilize this little army as quickly as possible for next Friday!!!

Orchestra Hauntcert-related extra credit is now available.  We are in need of student volunteers for various activities after school the day of the concert.  There is a sign up list posted in the orchestra room that the kids can add their name to.  We are also in need of batteries for stand lights (mostly AAA, some AA, and a few C and 9 vlt), power strips, extension cords, and decorations related to our theme of "Heroes and Villains".  Batteries obviously won't be returned, but please make sure that you have marked any other items with your name so that we can get them back to you. 

A reminder to make sure that you have made arrangements for the BEFORE SCHOOL rehearsal on Tuesday, Oct 18 at 7 am.  Students with Zero Hour should report to rehearsal and will be be dismissed in enough time to get to class.  

Our performance time for the Spaghetti Supper on Nov. 14th has just been scheduled and we will be performing at 5:25.

Interested in some inexpensive, tasty and EASY dinners to help get you through the busy holiday season??  Mark your calendars for November 17th (12-7 pm) for the NCHS Orchestra's Prep Freeze Cook fundraiser.  20% of all purchases made will go to our program.  More information to follow, but if you, your friends or family members are Prep Freeze Cook lovers, plan ahead to stock up on that day.  And if you're not familiar with the meals, get ready to be wowed with tasty food that is ready to go for the oven or the crock pot (and they now have sides available)!